Ongoing Research and Projects

Our ongoing research projects provide opportunities for student involvement and practical training.

Donor Stem Cell Transplant-related Mortality

Principal Investigator: David Tritchler, PhD

Abstract: David Tritchler, PhD, will oversee the technical aspects of the study including the high-throughput genotyping, assessment of population substructure and analysis of genetic dataset, including direction of the final statistical analysis of all project aims. He will also be responsible for the selection of genotyping chips and directing genotyping quality control.

Racial Disparities in Human Endogenous Retrovirus and Breast Cancer

Principal Investigator: David Tritchler, PhD

Abstract: The overall objective of the study is to examine the prevalence of HERV-K113 and -K115 in AA and EA women, and to investigate disparities in their prevalence in relation to breast cancer risk (AIM 1) and characteristics (AIM 2), in consideration of interactions with hormone-related risk factors (Aim 3). The study will be nested in an ongoing multi-center case-control study of breast cancer in AA and EA women.