Kristopher M. Attwood, PhD

Kristopher M. Attwood, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics

Contact Information

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Phone: 716-845-1300 ext 5656
Fax: 716-845-4860


Research Interests:   Classification Problems, Decision Theory, Operations Research, Statistics Education


Selected Publications

  • Attwood K, Tian L and Xiong C.  Diagnostic threshold with three ordinal groups.  Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 2014; 24(3):608-633.  PMID: 24707966
  • Montgomery E, Geo C, de Luca J, Bower J, Attwood K and Ylagan L.  Validation of 31 of the most commonly used immunohistochemical antibodies in cytology prepared using the Cellient automated cell block system.  Diagnostic Cytopathology 2014; 42(12):1024-1033. PMID: 24678031
  • Koulikov D, Mohler MC, Mehedint DC, Attwood K, Wilding GE and Moher JL.  Low detectable prostate specific antigen after radical prostatectomy--treat or watch?  The Journal of Urology 2014; 192(5):1390-1396. PMID: 24678031
  • Poch KA, Mehedint D,Gree DJ, Payne-Ondracek R, Fontham ETH, Bensen JT, Attwood K, Wilding GE, Guru KA, Underwood W, Moher JL and Heemer HV.  The association between calcium channel blocker use and prostate cancer outcome.  Prostate 2013; 73(8):865-872. PMID:  23280547
  • Schmidt LJ, Duncan K, Yadav N, Regan KM, Verone AR, Lohse Cm, Pop EA, Attwood K, Wilding G, Moher JL, Sebo J, Tindall DJ and Heemers HV.  RhoA as a mediator of clinically relevant androgen action in prostate cancer cells.  Molecular Endocrinology 2012; 26(5):716-735. PMCID:  PMC3355556
  • Bailey DW, Neims BE, Attwood K, Kumaraswamy L and Podgorsak MB.  Statistical variability and confidence intervals for planar dose QA pass rates.  Medical Physics 2011; 38(11):6053-6064.  PMID:  22047370