Integrative Project

For your integrative project, you will incorporate what you have learned from the program coursework and your field training into a paper and presentation that address a specific public health issue.

An essential aspect of the project will be integrating the five core public health disciplines—biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, community health and health behavior, and health services administration—into your topic.

Through your integrative project, you will: 

  • Research and achieve expertise in a particular public heath topic
  • Apply and expand upon what you have learned throughout the MPH program by  incorporating the five core public health disciplines into your topic

Competencies Addressed by the Integrative Project

At the end of your project, you will be able to demonstrate various competencies related to research methodologies. Learn more about the competencies addressed by the integrative project.

The integrative project is your final requirement of the MPH program and takes place during your last semester. Similar to the field training though, you will want to allow yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare before you register.

Select Your Project Topic

Your first step is to determine a public health topic you want to explore on an in-depth basis centered on your interests, previous experience or knowledge gained during your field training. Discuss ideas with your faculty advisor and, with your advisor’s input, finalize the topic.

Make sure that you select a topic that will allow you to apply and expand upon what you have learned throughout the MPH program by integrating core public health disciplines—biostatistics, community health and health behavior, environmental health, epidemiology and health services administration, as well as foundational and concentration-specific competencies into your project.

Next, decide on the exact format your project will take. View the Types tab to choose from five project types or create an individualized project.